What I do

Native Android Development

I have been a professional Android developer for the past 9 years. Projects ranged from simple kiosk apps to complex MDM solutions and bluetooth based device tracking. Companies I have worked for range from small, very early stage startups to well established players. I am proficient in Kotlin and Java, all important Android APIs as well as in the relevant third party tools, such as RxJava, Dagger and Jetpack.

Flutter Development

To be honest, I had been a skeptic of cross-platform development for most of my career. Most frameworks just didn’t cut it. However, this has changed with the introduction of Flutter. To me, Flutter is the first truly solid cross platform technology that has the potential to become a sustainable industry standard. If your project has limited resources and/or your app doesn’t require deep system interaction, I’d recommend looking into Flutter.

Planning Early Project Stages

Before even starting to develop, a lot of questions need to be asked: Should we use a cross platform framework or develop natively for Android and iOS? What types of devices does the app need to run on? What technologies should the app use? Where is the right balance between robustness/maintainability and cost/speed of development? With your team, I will address those questions and plan development.


Got a stuck project? Or a legacy codebase that has become hard to understand and maintain? I can give your project a much needed refresh. However, sometimes it might be advisable to start off again on a clean sheet. I have seen many legacy projects in need of maintenance and can safely advise which approach is best for you.


Whether you need advise on technologies to use, planning an entirely new project or continuing an existing one: With my experience as mobile developer, I can give substantiated advice on technical matters and how to build the right team.

Developer Consultations

You’re an Android of Flutter developer yourself? You are stuck on a coding problem and can’t figure out what the hell is going on? Mobile development has many oddities and pitfalls. I’ve seen many of them and chances are I can point you in the right direction. I’d be happy to look over your code in a screen sharing session. Get in touch, the first 30 minutes are free!